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The Michigan Society of Clinical Hypnosis

The Michigan Society of Clinical Hypnosis (MSCH) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the qualified application of clinical hypnosis in the professions of medicine, psychology, dentistry, social work, nursing, and other professional societies that share mutual goals, ethics, and interests.

Our mission is to promote scientific research and educational opportunities to further the knowledge and understanding of clinical hypnosis. MSCH is dedicated to furthering the acceptance of clinical hypnosis as a vital tool in numerous medical/psychological interventions.


The purpose of the Code of Ethics adopted by the Michigan Society of Clinical Hypnosis (MSCH) is to provide the highest quality of patient or client care by its members through the ethical, effective use of clinical hypnosis. The primary concern for all members of MSCH is the well-being of those under their care.

The MSCH Code of Ethics is to provide guidelines as a leader in the ethical use of clinical hypnosis and scientific research programs. All members of the Michigan Society of Clinical Hypnosis (MSCH) must subscribe to this code of ethics prior to admission as a member. No member shall use hypnosis for any purpose other than within the areas of clinical practice.

MSCH members must also adhere to the ethical standards and be a member in good standing of their respective professions. Any acts deemed unethical by other profession's Code of Ethics will result in possible censure or dismissal as a member of the Michigan Society of Clinical Hypnosis (MSCH).

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